Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

The anticipation grows as the crowd gathers; photographers preparing themselves to shoot the wedding night reception photos; the bride readies herself while the groom greets the guests. Everything seemed so perfect as the wedding night dinners draws to a start. Wedding videos are projected around the wedding bouquet hall for the wedding guests to view the happenings of the day. The wedding dinner is the celebration to be shared with families, friends and colleagues, while the photographers snap away to journal with the wedding reception photos for keepsake and fond memories of the night.

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Weddings come once in a lifetime. It consummate the love one has for each other, embracing each other's good and bad and learning to live together for a whole lifetime. An agape love that knows no bound as one cherish each other's company, learning to understand, to love and to fulfil a couple's destiny.

While the journey is just beginning, wedding photos will bring back many fond memories to come, to bring back the day when happiness was shared with many. The photography taken whether be it simple or in glamour style serves as a reminder the ultimate union of a couple committed to have a life together. For the love of a selfless couple serves no boundary, but to uphold each other in everything that the couple do together.

Weddings are not just the union of two person in love, it also brings together two family communities together. As each side of the family looked on and cherished the shared moments together. So two becomes one. So it is too as two families become one as well. As the photographers snap away to capture the wedding reception photos of the night for inclusion into the family album, the wedded couple knows that they will always have the wedding night photos to remember by to share with the rest of the world that they are now a couple, bonded together by agape love that is stronger than anything in the world, given by God for love can conquer all, and so it is this wedding night, the love of the couple shall shine!

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