Wedding Photos

About Our Wedding Photos

We started our wedding reception photos services because of our interest in photography. What we would like to do is to capture the perfect wedding photography for our clients. The perfect wedding photos is easier said than done. However in succeeding to capture the perfect wedding photos is definitely priceless. There is no going back to that point in time. Only immortalised in your wedding photo album to be reviewed and cherished for all time.

We are serious in perfecting our wedding photography and no each wedding photo shot of couples are the same. After all we are all not alike. Each to his own individualism. As such each couples has their own perfect match.

We have seen enough of those stoic poses done by bridal houses. Our very own wedding photos were similarly taken with not a hint of artistry, just the usual cliché poses, forced smiles and all. Any wedding photographer can do that.

What we however, would like to do is to capture the candid fleeting moments, to document and journal the wedding process sort of like a journalist trying to tell a story in a picture. Perhaps capturing an expression that will evoke an emotion; a wedding photo that you can be proud to show to friends and family for many years to come.

It could be romantic, showing the softness, a sharing of moment between the bride and the groom; artistic pose with unconventional angles; perhaps something light hearted, funny and a happy situation. An eye to watch out a fleeting moment; to capture not only the bridge and the groom, but the people and situation around wedding reception event.

Brought together for our love of wedding photography, we decided to venture into this field and see whether we could create something everlasting. A moment in time, in your moment of time, for you to cherish and keep in your everlasting heart.