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Female Glamour Photography

Sometimes it is refreshing to take a break from wedding photos and try our hand at female glamour photography. Whenever some events are organised by somebody, we just go and have some fun shooting some glamour photography shots. And usually the model is female. Well that's what photography is all about. Yes, yes, I know the feminist amongst you may came after us with a stick, but hey that's the world and it's been like that for ages.

Jokes aside, here is some female glamour photography which we went around here and there organized by some organizers who wish to promote their wares or photography equipment or whatever. It is nice to try out new photo equipment and learn new wedding photography technique. We do need to constantly upgrade ourselves to keep improving our wedding photos!

Hope you enjoy browsing the glamour photography as we have in taking pictures of it!

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Bikini beachwear glamour photography

Studio Glamour Photography

Smiling girl in studio glamour photography

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Girl in a Kimono dress

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