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Moments of Wedding Day and Wedding Night Photos

Welcome to The Moments wedding photos! We provide our expertise in capturing photos of wedding reception for both day and wedding night photos. It is the day you are waiting for! Big smiles, huge hugs, everybody cheering on! Wouldn't it be nice to capture them all?

Wedding reception photos is where you can capture the heart of the event, to be reproduced in parts, in short clips, hence the moments of your wonderful wedding reception event as part of your photos of wedding reception.

What better way than to preserve it in some special way, no, not the cheap wedding photo albums, but good quality ones. It doesn't have to be expensive to cherish your big day! Perhaps a nice one like the leather wedding photo album? Anyway check through our available wedding photo albums and see if we got something you like!

Having a physical wedding photo album is great, how would you like to share wedding photos with friends and family living far away? So we thought up the idea of having your album of wedding photos online so you can share wedding photos with friends and family easily. A shared happy moment is really great indeed! They heard you were married; now they definitely know you are married. The proof of your wedding photo online is the evidence!

We do pre-wedding photography; we capture photos of wedding reception day itself. Usually this is in the early morning. It is exciting time for both the bride and groom. The excitement and the anticipation! Do try to get some sleep. We know, we went through it all before and we know many couples have a tough time getting a good night's sleep too! It's going to be a long day so try to get some rest. After the morning formality, exchanging of vows, take a break in the afternoon while we prepare the wedding photos to show off the morning events during the wedding night dinner.

Of course during the dinner, we will be capturing more wedding night photos for later compilation into wedding photo albums as well as a DVD ROM with slideshow for later showing off to your friends and family in the comfort of your house. And of course, there is also the internet to share wedding photos online.

So do send us an inquiry and see how we can provide our services for your wedding reception photos for pre-wedding photography, for the morning and wedding night photos.

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