Wedding Photos

Pre-Wedding Photography

Right from the moment of your wedding engagement and wedding registration, you can already start the ball rolling with photos of wedding reception. Instead of waiting for the big wedding reception event day to start your wedding photography session, you start your journaling of your wedding journey right from the start.

Your wedding engagement day can just be as eventful with many happy moments! You wouldn't want to miss all that would you? Call out the wedding photographers who would accompany you and your family as you make your initial vow of marriage with the marriage registration bureau.

Although the pictures are not as elaborate, it is still one of the important pre-wedding events. With your wedding photographer tagging along, you never know what could be captured in camera.

We know of couples who get nervous going through this process, in a way it is just like the big day itself but minus the fanfare. The registration process is the legal aspect of your marriage and you are considered as married. There is no turning back once your signature is on that marriage certificate!

As wedding photographers, we have accompanied many couples, and we know the feeling, after all we too have gone through it ourselves. Of course for Church marriages, the signing of the marriage certificate is done on the same day itself. This is for those couples who want the same date of marriage to show on their marriage certificate as the day when they exchange vows and of course this might preferable.

And then some, who might like to have some casual simple photography. A pre-wedding photography might be something extra for your wedding photo album.